Transition Success Stories

CEC’s Yes I Can Award Recipients

Christopher Williams
Katy, Texas
Christopher is a valuable employee who performs stocking, packaging, labeling, and other tasks at Walgreens pharmacy. He gained the necessary work skills with help from his high school’s Work-Based Learning Program. Christopher, who has autism, has become so successful that the district manager recommended him for a position at another Walgreens location, thereby increasing his work hours.

Callie Van Wallendael
Oakhurst, N.J.
Callie is an exceptionally hard worker who has obtained a job at the Ivy Hedge Early Childhood Learning Center through her high school’s Cooperative Business Education Program. There she enjoys creating lesson plans, assisting with outdoor activities, and reading to the children. Callie performs these duties independently, despite having visual impairments, learning disabilities and mild cerebral palsy.

Vander Cherry
Washington, D.C.
Vander has overcome the challenges of cerebral palsy and is a model employee at the U.S. Department of Education. During high school, he participated in a vocational training program for student with disabilities. He had to learn how to be a professional in the workplace—managing his time, dressing for the work environment and speaking with coworkers—as well as becoming more independent. 

James Parker
Houston, Texas
James, 20, shredded the boundaries of Allen Herndon syndrome and created his own business. With graduation approaching, James and his family called a “Person Centered Plan” meeting to help determine a plan for James’ future after school. Their plan:  James has started his own shredding business, something it was discovered that he enjoys.


Madison Hill Morsefield
Kent, Ohio
Madison, 20, has successfully transitioned from high school to college, while making a difference in her community. She is currently taking part in a four-year program at Kent State University, which combines academics, career development and independent learning. She is studying hospitality management and volunteers on a weekly basis.

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