Research has shown that effective transition services are directly linked to better post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities. Research also tells us that to flourish in the workplace youth with disabilities must also be provided with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, to engage in self-determination and career exploration, and to participate in paid work-based experiences while in high school. The resources below are intended for special educators to use in their work helping students move toward adult lives as contributing and engaged members of their communities.   


Transition Curriculum

Discover how CEC's Life Centered Education (LCE) can help you better prepare your students for independent and rewarding lives after they finish school.



This month's featured book, 7 Steps For Success, helps teachers and parents prepare students with disabilities for college.



View CEC's webinar offerings that include a three-part series on effective transition for youth with EBD.


Journal Articles

Find articles in CEC's premier journals, peer-reviewed research in Exceptional Children and research-to-practice in TEACHING Exceptional Children.

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CEC Transition Resources

Other resources that may prove helpful to professionals working to help students transition to a secondary program or the workforce.


Transition Success Stories