Benefits of Using LCE

Teach the Most Comprehensive and Current Transition Curriculum on the Market

Life Centered Education (LCE) is the most comprehensive transition program on the market, and was developed by special education and transition specialists. LCE combines instruction with related assessment items and contains a progressing tracking and reporting function that covers daily living, interpersonal, and employment skills.

With LCE, special education directors, teachers and other professionals can:

  • Implement the most comprehensive transition curriculum for children with disabilities and children who are at risk.
  • Provide in-depth coverage on life skills in three critical domains of adult living: daily living skills, self determination and interpersonal skills, and employment skills, further divided into 20 competencies and 94 sub-competencies (see matrix).
  • Ensure lesson plans reflect the problem-solving skills students need to live productive and rewarding adult lives.

Increase Efficiency and Enhance Your Teaching Effectiveness

 LCE helps you:

  • Better use technology effectively in instruction.
  • Provide alternative instructional strategies to accommodate student needs.
  • Monitor each student's progress online.
  • Deliver focused explicit instruction across all curricular areas.
  • Enable teachers and students track assignments and progress online.
  • Link your instructional objectives with the Common Core State Standards.

Plus, the entirely web-based format of LCE allows multiple users from the same school to simultaneously access the entire curriculum—or just the pieces they need, when they need them.