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Sequestration Resources


We want to flood Capitol Hill with messages telling Congress to stop cuts to special education programs. Make your voice heard by sending a letter to your members of Congress and make our voices heard!

Want a simple step by step guide to sharing with family and friends?

Check out this one-pager.

Want something quick and easy? Simply copy and paste one of the following into your Twitter feed or onto your Facebook:

Sample Tweets

I told my members of Congress to stop education cuts - you should too! Help CEC tell Congress #jobsnotcuts :

Make your voice heard! Tell Congress to stop cuts to education today! #NDDUnited

Education isn’t the only program the govt plans to cut – Tell Congress to save programs that help our kids. #NDDUnited

Post Your Own: Sample Facebook Post

Help CEC save special education. Schools and teachers across the country are already struggling with lack of funds. Sequestration’s across the board cuts certainly won’t help. Make your voice heard and join with others to tell Congress to stop cuts to special education. Send a letter with CEC’s Legislative Action Center to make the voice of our community heard on the Hill TODAY! 

Want to send an Op-Ed to your local paper?

We've put some sample text together for you, which you can send to all the local media outlets in our area through CEC's Legislative Action Center.

Just personalize the text by adding some data about your school district or state. Make sure to include the names of your Senators and/or Representative before sending it in, to make it more likely that your members of Congress will see it. Please personalize and send this in! And if it is published let us know so we can publicize it to all of CEC!