School Safety and Mental Health Services

Ensuring the safety of our nation’s schools, students and educators must become a national priority.  Far too many of our students experience violence on a regular basis in their schools and neighborhoods. 

As the country looks to Congress and the Administration for leadership to address the issue of safety in our schools and communities, CEC supports an approach that addresses both prevention and response; is rooted in research and evidence; addresses mental health services for students and confronts the stigma of mental health challenges; and ensures an adequate number of personnel who are trained to address the complex needs of students with mental health challenges. 

On February 27, 2013 CEC together with Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, a division of CEC, provided Congressional testimony to the House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing, Protecting Students and Teachers: A Discussion on School Safety.  The CEC/CCBD testimony outlined four key policy recommendations for school safety policy proposals. 

In 2008, CEC’s Board of Directors approved CEC’s Policy on Safe and Positive School Climate which provide recommendations to ensure the creation of safe learning environments that contribute to all students’ cognitive, academic, social-emotional, and ethical development. 

CEC continues to actively engaged on issues related to school safety and supporting greater access to mental health services for students in school.   

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