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Share How Your Preparation Program Helped You Become a Great Special Educator

TED/HECSE/CEC Collaboration

Policymakers in Washington are thinking about cutting funds for IDEA’s Personnel Preparation Program, a leading source of financial assistance for future special educators, early interventionists, local/state leaders, researchers, and related service personnel.SpecEd Research 2

We’re appalled, too!

Join CEC/TED/HECSE and over 30 national organizations and 300 individuals to support IDEA’s Personnel Preparation program, which currently supports approximately 8,000 scholars per year across the nation who are preparing for a career in special education or early intervention.

Special education suffers from a decades-long national shortage – there simply aren’t enough special educators.  Tell Congress to invest in special education!

Here are two quick and easy ways to become involved:

Use CEC's Legislative Action Center to send a personal letter. There's power in numbers! Email Congress and the Obama Administration in support of IDEA’s  Personnel Preparation Program.
Tell us your story! Email and tell us how your preparation program made you a great special educator. 

IDEA Personnel Preparation Program: Recent Investments (2008-2012)


National Profile on the IDEA Personnel Preparation Program

Selected State Profiles

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Mississippi     Montana     Nebraska     New Hampshire    Oregon

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 IDEA's Personnel Preparation Program in Action

University of Kansas Helps Educators Prepare to Address Autism

Over the past 6 years, the University of Kansas has received personnel preparation grants that focused on preparing special education teachers with additional expertise in autism.

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