CEC/CEC-PD Mentoring Program

New for 2016 – New Teachers are eligible for a mentor!

The CEC Mentoring Program pairs CEC members who are teacher candidates and new teachers with CEC members who are seasoned professionals in special education. 

What:  Get a mentor
Who:  CEC Members who are teacher candidates, and new teachers with fewer than three years of professional experience. 

Complete this survey to register as a mentee. Remember, teacher candidates receive a 20% student discount on all CEC membership options! Join CEC or renew your membership now.

What:  Be a mentor
Who: CEC Members who are teachers, school/district administrators, higher education faculty, retirees with at least three years of professional experience.

Complete this survey to register as a mentor. Not a member or let your membership lapse? Join CEC or renew your membership now!

Download the 2016-2017 Program Guide for information about:

  • Program roles
  • Mentor/Mentee responsibilities
  • Tips on a successful mentorship experience
  • CEC contact information and more.

Please contact Judy Harrison, at judyh@cec.sped.org, 703-264-9433.