CEC Workgroups

Workgroups are established by the Board of Directors and are assigned a specific charge and outcomes to be completed within a designated period of time. Workgroup members have knowledge, skills, and expertise in a particular area of strategic importance to the Council. The workgroup chair reports to the Board of Directors through the President Elect.

Governance Assessment Workgroup


1. Analyze the size, composition, and charges of CEC’s Board of Directors, committees (standing and non-standing), and advisory groups and make recommendations to address inefficiencies, if any, and incorporate best practices from the field of association management;
2. Develop systems or policies to facilitate adaptability and promote innovation within CEC’s committees, workgroups and advisory groups; and 
3. Establish a process for on-going review of CEC’s governance structure(s).

James P. Heiden, Chair

Robin Brewer

Christy Chambers

Denise Drinkwalter

Margaret McLaughlin

Jane Quenneville

Learn more about the workgroup from Special Education Today.

IDEA Reauthorization Recommendations Workgroup

Charge: To solicit input from the membership to develop CEC’s IDEA reauthorization principles and recommendations.

Tim Lewis, Chair

Kaitlyn Brennan

Gwendolyn Cartledge

Vivian Correa

John Eisenberg

Linda Lewis

Brandi Simonsen

Russell Skiba

Martha Thurlow

Sharon Walsh

Denise Whitford

Phyllis Wolfram

Mitchell Yell

Gayle Zavala

Standards Framing Paper Workgroup

Following industry best practices and guidelines from the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), CEC periodically coordinates the revision of the three sets of standards that guide the profession—preparation, practice, and ethical standards. The charge of this work group is to focus and refine CEC’s professional standards development process, and ensure that CECs professional standards remain up to date, relevant, and reflective of the current state of teacher preparation in the United States.

Linda Blanton (Co-Chair)

Virginia McLaughin (Co-Chair)

Terese Aceves

David Cihak

James McLeskey

Kevin J. Miller

Marcia L. Rock

Vicki D. Stayton

"State of the Profession" Workgroup

The purpose of this study is to provide a current snapshot of the state of the profession which will serve as a
data-based foundation for CEC’s leadership activities. This foundation will: establish a baseline and allow us to build trend lines to monitor change; allow us to make data-based decisions on policy, program, and professional development initiatives; and provide support for initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for individuals with disabilities, including those who are twice exceptional, their families, and the professionals who serve them.

 Steering Team Design Team  Advisory Team 
 Bill Bogdan Bill Bogdan    Charlotte Brickhouse
 Mary Ruth Coleman Mary Lynn Boscardin  Megan Elam
 Susan Fowler  Kelly Carrero  Concetta Lewis
 Alex Graham, Executive Director  Mary Ruth Coleman  Julie Norflus-Good
 Judy Harrison, Director of Membership  Susan Fowler  Cindy Perras
   Mikki Garcia, CEC President   Vicky Spencer
 CEC-PD Response Panel  Joan McDonald  Benjamin Tillotson
 Pam Gillet  Gloria Taradash  
 Linda Marsal  Paul Zinni  
   Alex Graham  
   Judy Harrison